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About Swirly Joe's Worcester

We are a brand new and exciting takeaway desserts restaurant, offering an incredibly diverse menu to the masses. We are sure you'll all find something you love when you shop with us. You'd be foolish not to! Desserts are everyone's favourite things after all! They truly make a meal worth eating, and they taste even sweeter on their own.

You can't just take our word for it though, you'll have to come on by and get your order going to see exactly what we're made of

Swirly Joe's Worcester Restaurant

If you're looking to get your hands on our delightful desserts and you live in the Worcester area, then you'll be happy to know we are right around the corner! We are located at 18 20 Silver St, Worcester, WR1 2DA and we're so happy to take your order. We pride ourselves on excellent service and we offer a great delivery service to showcase just that.

If you live in or around the Worcester area, you're more than likely eligible to order straight to your door. You'll be amazed at how quickly our deliveries can come through once you've ordered.

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